Summer 2022: the evenings outdoors in the courtyard of the winery are back

Wines and Cuisine, the food and wine events of Duca Carlo Guarini, is back this summer with a very busy events calendar.
From Wednesday to Saturday, starting from June 30th until September 30th, our kitchen resumes its full activity.

The formula is that of the tasting menu of the typical dishes of the Salento cuisine, reproduced with passion and fidelity to tradition or revisited by the creativity of our chef Annamaria Cristino.
The ingredients are all strictly local, from vegetables to fish to dairy specialties, so the gastronomic proposals will vary according to the availability of the fish and the garden harvest.
The menu of the day will always be updated and available here on this page and on Duca Carlo Guarini’s Facebook and Instagram profiles.
The matching wines of each course will be those from our cellar, carefully chosen to enhance the flavors of each dish.

Reservations can be made directly on this page, by filling out the form with your name and specifying the date, time, number of guests and your telephone number.

To book your table, please fill the form or call 38957536980836 460257

Cantina Duca Carlo Guarini
via F. Baracca 3
Scorrano (LE)

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