Azienda Agricola Guarini - Chi Siamo

We have been living in Puglia since 1040, our is a family that from Normandy arrived in Terra d’Otranto centuries ago.

We have a lot to tell, so many stories handed down, many historical figures who have been connected to us, in the past we even hosted kings and saints, but the story that we like telling the most is the one that binds us to the earth: we have been cultivating it for almost thousand years, we see ourselves as farmers and thus, guardians of the Apulian agricultural heritage.

The wines, oils, cereals, legumes and preserves we produce reflect the character of our territory and tell of sun, sea, land, passion, history, elegance, culture and hospitality.

Accardo Guarini, Count of Valesio, in 1114 cultivated his vineyard in the Pìutri estate, overlooking the Adriatic sea between Lecce and Brindisi. Since then and for a lucky fate, we, the Guarini family continue to take care of those vineyards that are still rooted in the same wonderful Salento, respecting the traditions, without sacrificing innovation.

We own 700 hectares of property , farms and masserie in Salento, 70 of which are vineyards in the estate of Torchiarolo , 260 olive groves in the estate of Scorrano. In many of these lands we cultivate vegetables, ancient grains and new rediscoveries such as fiber and seed hemp . We own a cellar and a historic mill.

Here begins the journey to discover the places of wine, oil, delicacies and hospitality.

Azienda Agricola Guarini - Il Territorio

Our family, in the various fiefs that were granted since the twelfth century, has always favored the development of agriculture, especially viticulture and wine production. Until today, in our property, the old wine cellars tell about this vocation, so intimately linked the land and the lives of twenty-five generations. We still work hard to safeguard the typical vines and olive trees, we support with great conviction all the grape varieties that Salento can offer.

At a time when agriculture is disappearing, we feel a bit like a last bastion of the agricultural culture of this territory in all its complexity and variety, we try to resist the savage globalization, to protect the environment and consumers, therefore all our grapes and wines, olives and oils, vegetables and cereals are cultivated and strictly certified organic.