Carciofini e pomodori secchi aperitivo le masserie del duca guarini

Le Masserie del Duca is our distinguished and high quality  farm-based food line,  with lots of tasty products thought  for you, who also inspired chefs and food bloggers: from fresh cherry tomato sauces and ready to eat sauces, to creams of artichokes, olives, peppers, sun-dried tomatoes, onions and green apple; from stone less olives to semi-dry pickled tomatoes, hearts of artichokes, and legumes.  Last but not least, to make cakes and pies delicious pear  or white grapes jam, quince jam and jelly from Primitivo must.

Vegetables and fruits from our Salento, good products from the earth, that we managed to produce at their best to enjoy their genuine flavors, like those of the past.

In this space we suggest some recipes and suggest to try to make them at home. If you have ideas, tips and new dishes to suggest, please write to

Our recipes

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