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Our wines are an expression of the territory and of the work of men and women, who protect the Salento viticultural heritage, that of Negroamaro, Primitivo and black Malvasia. They come from native vines of Salento, vinified in red, rosé and white. They are made with competence and sincerity, respecting the environment and consumers.


From pureed red and yellow fresh tomatoes, to creams of artichokes, olives, peppers, dried tomatoes, onions and wild apples; from legumes to artichoke hearts, from dried tomatoes to hot peppers in oil, to pear jams, white grapes and sugary potatoes. We harvest vegetables in their season and work them immediately to transform them into refined and delicious recipes.


extra vergin olive OIL

The olive groves have been part of our heritage for over 900 years: they are secular trees with Cellina variety scorranese and Ogliarola. In mid-October we harvest the olives and immediately process them in our span style=”color: #ef7c00;”>cold crusher. Our extra virgin olive oil has a golden yellow color and an unmistakable taste, with bitter and spicy content and in good balance. Our citrus, lemon, orange and tangerine are the secret topping of your most creative recipes.


Le Masserie del Duca, the Duca Carlo Guarini line of food products and preserves, has been enriched since 2020 with three new truly special products, which have their roots in the ancient history of our region.
These are the flours that come from the harvests of our ancient grains: Farro Spelta, a hybrid of an ancestor of wheat and spelled, and combines the best of these two cereals, and Senatore Cappelli semolina, also available in its wholemeal version rich in fibers.

dal 1065


New wines to discover, an interesting visit to the historic cellar and the underground oil mill del ‘ 500: this and more awaits you in Scorrano at Duca Carlo Guarini, if you book a tasting. In winter in the vaulted rooms with fireplace, in summer under the pergola of the ancient colonnade, you can choose the wines to taste, our extra virgin olive oil and the citrus fruits, the tasty creams and in oil from the Le Masserie del Duca line. For groups of at least ten people you can organize tastings of wines, oils and typical dishes, prepared exclusively for you with our agri-food products. Ask us for availability for the days you prefer at shop@ducacarloguarini.it.

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