Farina integrale di Farro Spelta


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Stone ground wholemealspelled flour gr.500

Farro Spelta (Triticum Spelta) is a hybrid of an ancestor of wheat and spelled, and combines the best of these two cereals, even surpassing them in some respects. Unlike wheat, in fact, it maintains the external bran that protects the grain from pollutants and helps it to preserve freshness and nutritional power.

Farro is an excellent source of fiber and B vitamins and contains 10% to 25% more protein than wheat. The presence of a reduced gluten content makes this cereal unsuitable for celiac subjects.

Farro is an excellent source of riboflavin, a vitamin necessary for the correct energy metabolism of the nervous system which therefore appears to be able to reduce the frequency of migraine attacks. The high content of soluble fiber present in spelled also has the advantage of reducing cholesterol.


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