Semola di grano Senatore Cappelli – Rimacinata


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Re-milled Senatore Cappelli wheat semolina gr.-500

It is made from a variety of wheat selected in the early 1900s in Puglia by the agronomist Nazareno Strampelli. It was named in honor of Senator Cappelli, who had made his large estates available for the first sowings of this ancient grain. Slowly it spread throughout the Peninsula to cover more than half of the Italian production. But, starting from the 60s of the last century, it was supplanted by other high-yielding varieties.

It is a superior quality semolina, with remarkable nutritional qualities (rich in proteins, mineral salts, vitamins B and E), and with a lower percentage of gluten and sugar, which allows to obtain a pasta that resists long cooking and always remains al dente.


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