Red, rosé or white? There are many colors of Negroamaro, innovative variants that the Duca Carlo Guarini made of it and that can be tasted next May 28th in Scorrano in occasion of Cantine Aperte (, the leading event of the Wine Tourism Movement at its 25th edition: amazing wines, all obtained by Negroamaro grapes, yet incredibly different. The red Pìutri, well balanced and with clear tannins; the red Natìvo, the first organic certified wine, good body and intense fruity notes; the rosé Campo di Mare soft and fruity; the white Taersìa, vinified from Negroamaro grapes, with a complex bouquet and a well – structured finish; and then Piccolebolle, a spumante wine obtained from Negroamaro vinified in white following the Martinotti method, entirely produced and made sparkling in our winery since 2015. During the day the inside court of the winery will be the setting of various appointments : the Guarini family will welcome the wine tourists in the eighteenth –century building, house to the winery, and in the hypogeum oil mill, for a day dedicated to good tasting and good music. At 1.00 pm there will be a light lunch in the winery , held at the shade of the old pergola, with the delicacies prepared by Antonio Campeggio from Arte Bianca in Parabita, famous for his sweet and savory “ pasticciottini”, who for the occasion will also use the Guarini wines, for the one filled with meat and organic primitivo Vigne Vecchie and for the sweet ones with the passiti Ambra and Rarum. There will also be the pickled vegetables and creams of Le Masserie del Duca, grilled vegetables, pecorino cheese and fresh fruit (booking required, calling Daniela at 0836.460257 by the 24th May, cost € 15 euros). At 5.00 pm the places of the wine will be the stage of an original concert by the songwriter Massimo Donno (, who will launch his new album    “ Evviva il re” and will tell about the South with a festive language, involving the Banda de lu Mbroia, about 20 musicians, with winds and percussions.