Tavole ad Arte is coming back, the travelling event aimed to discover new Apulian realities, consisting in a site-specific installation of a “tavola – opera d’arte ” art table, combined with a gourmet moment.The project promoted by the FAAD, a collective that brings together the most interesting productions in the field of Photography, Art, Crafts and Design in Puglia, led by the architect Silvana Inguscio, organized a new appointment in Maglie, via Roma 138, at the historic hotel Corte dei Francesi, a charming residence dating back to the 15th century with an annexed museum of tannery. It will be a multi-sensorial experience, of connection between the refined design objects and the food and wine culture of the territory, to be enjoyed in the intimate atmosphere of the Corte dei Francesi. “L’aperi – cena ad arte”, the art aperitif, is ideal to spend an evening in an atmosphere of happy conviviality, among the tasty delicacies prepared by Antonio Campeggio from Arte Bianca, in Parabita, famous for its sweet and savory “pasticciottini” – he will prepare a special one, filled with meat cocked with the Organic Primitivo wine Vigne Vecchie Duca Carlo Guarini – the sparkling wine Piccolebolle, the first produced by Negroamaro grapes using the Martinotti method, entirely produced at the winery Duca Carlo Guarini from Scorrano and the sophisticated table setting by Silvana Inguscio and the FAAD’s artists. At 6.30pm, a guided tour of the museum area, where the Lamarques, skilled French leather goods manufacturers, lived and worked in the Nineteenth century. At 7.pm o’clock the presentation of the project “Tavole ad arte ” told by the protagonists of the table. To follow, the aperitif that will end with a show cooking of the pastry chef Campeggio, who will make live a strawberry meringue. Booking requested by Friday 28th April, calling the 0836.424282 (cost € 15, children from 5 to 12 € 10).

Info: Corte dei Francesi, via Roma138 Maglie, tel +39 0836 424282