Tasting of excellent organic wines and an original setting of the winery as a “Food Wine Design”, with lunch served on a “tavola ad arte “, an artistic table, on the Sunday May 29, on occasion of Cantine Aperte, the flagship event of the Movimento Turismo del Vino,the Wine.Tourism Movement. From 10.00 am to 9 pm, the Guarini family will welcome wine tourists in Scorrano in the Eighteenth century building, home to the winery and to an underground oil mill of the ‘500, for a day of good “taste” and the design made in Salento. The places of wine will give space to welcome “Tavole ad Arte”, a project promoted by FAAD, a collective that brings together the most interesting and prestigious Apulian productions in the field of Photography, Art, Crafts and Design, led by the architect Silvana Inguscio. The table setting is unusual and with a sophisticated interior design inspired by the theme of the winery. Wine lovers will live a multisensory experience of relationship between the artistic crafts and the culinary art: on the table there will be pies, eggplant parmigiana, cheese, friselline, local baked products, seasoned with exquisite extra virgin olive oil and citrus flavored olive oil, preserves, marinated vegetables of the food “Le Masserie del Duca” and the new Codex organic certified wines.