We carry on with the section “History & Territory” of the Guarini Wine Journey. After having told you about the descent of the Hauteville in Puglia during the Eleventh century and the County of Lecce with Tancred of Hauteville, who founded a new monastery of Benedictine monks in Lecce, in whose constitution act dated 1180 appear the Bishop Pietro Guarino and Accardo, owner of a vineyard granted to the monastery, we move to the age of the family Orsini del Balzo, princes of Taranto, between the end of ‘300 and the first half of ‘400. In the book “Un Principato territoriale del Regno di Napoli? Gli Orsini del Balzo Principi di Taranto (1399-1463)”- A Territorial Principality in the Kingdom of Naples? The Orsini del Balzo Princes of Taranto (1399-1463)”- Conference Proceedings (Lecce, 20 to 22nd October 2009) of the Italian Historical Institute for the Middle Ages – Centro Studi Orsianiani – prof. Giancarlo Vallone, dean of the Faculty of Law, University of Salento, reports an interesting study in the chapter “Le terre orsiniane e la costituzione medievale delle terre” (The Orsini territories and the medieval constitution of the lands), with the transcription of a parchment dated July 20 1455, concerning the act by which Gian Antonio Orsini Prince of Taranto sells the feud to Poggiardo to the Baron Agostino Guarini.
We interviewed the Dean Vallone, Ordinary Professor of History of the political and legal institutions and Jurispruidence historian.
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