In the section “History & Territory” we are going to tell you an intriguing story, where the protagonist is Father Ignazio Guarini, our ancestor who in 1705 entered the order of the Jesuits, renouncing all his possessions in favor of his brother Carlo Guarini, Duke Of Poggiardo, as shown by an original document, of which we attach an excerpt.

In the early years of the ‘700, following a request from Augustus III, elector of Saxony and King of Poland, who wanted to convert the court to Catholicism, Father Guarini was sent by Pope Clement XI to Dresden, where he became trusted advisor of Augusto III and tutor of his children, Maria Amalia future Queen of Spain, Maria Giuseppa future mother of Louis XVI and Friedrich Christian future and enlightened King of Poland. In particular, Friedrich was godfather of Frederick, the son of Carlo Guarini, Duke of Poggiardo and Surano, as it can be read in the correspondence between the Count Wackerbarth chamberlain at the Polish court and Duke Carlo. From another letter, this time by Friedrich, that we attach, we can learn how he was later assigned to the Polish regiment by the Count von Brühl in 1742 and was appointed infantry captain. Federico then left his beloved land, that of Negroamaro and Primitivo, to move to Dresden.

The History We Want to Tell You
A case of industrial espionage? A little mistery, where Father Guarini, while having a prominent role, as evidenced by documents and research, has always shown lofty loyalty to the pope as well as to the King of Poland.
In a recent research by Veronika M. Seifert “Industrial Spionage? The Mosaic Factory in the Vatican and Saxony“, that we publish for those of you who want to know more, the importance of Father Guarini in the court of Poland is evident as well as in the mystery of the secrets of St. Peter’s mosaics brought to the court of Saxony. Seifert outlines the historical context, starting with a Memorandum sent by Hans Moritz von Brühl to his brother, Heinrich von Brühl, future Prime Minister of Saxony, in 1739, in which “we learn about the project of founding a mosaic factory in Saxony, but you can see also the intention to discover the secret recipes for the production of the purple mosaic, kept in the St Peter Factory. What was behind this project?
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