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Massimo Donno
The places of the wines can be a stage for original concerts, as it happened in our winery in Scorrano, on 31 May 2015 when we hosted the singer, songwriter and musician from Salento Massimo Donno and his recording project Partenze, a trip from and to the South, of migrants and curious souls. Sipping unexpected wines that talk about the south, such as our Negroamaro Taersìa, a red vinified in white and the organic Natìvo, we listened to the original notes of Partenze, a trip to a South from which we depart and to which we return, which is at the same time port of landing and of departure. A place that is not only geographic and physical, but also cultural and mental. The journey of those who seek fortune, or a job, of those who have lost it, of those who seek to pursue a wellbeing that is psychic, relational, affective and emotional, true engine of life. The sounds of this record, which avail itself of the precious collaboration and artistic production of Riccardo Tesi, develop in Salento, but are contaminated by Africa, cousin of rhythms and melodies. A native of Corigliano d’Otranto in Grecìa Salentina, Massimo Donno, is divided for years between writing and songwriting, theater and unedited recording projects. With his first solo album Amore e Marchette dated 2013, published by Ululati/Lupo Editore, has received important reviews and played all over Italy, even opening several concerts: Daniele Silvestri, Nada, Fausto Mesolella (Avion Travel ), Fabio Concato. He also has several collaborations in theater and music, with Alberto Bertoli, Luciano Melchionna, Maurizio Geri, Riccardo Tesi. He has got many awards including, in September 2014, the Emerging Artistic Personality award at the Premio Poggio Bustone.

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