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Luca Chiaraluce
Translating wine into music, tasting it and hearing the sound, besides the flavor and the fragrance. The idea came to Giovanni Guarini, who has always been a music enthusiast, and to his friend and multi – instrumentalist Luca Chiaraluce, who launched the project “ Pentagrappoli “ in May 27th 2012 in occasion of Cantine Aperte. Five wines have inspired five original compositions for piano, guitar, bass, drums and trumpet, specially created by Luca, played on instruments handmade by himself ( drum and the contrabass) and recorded in his studio in Trevignano Romano. The primitivo Boemondo, the negroamaro Pìutri and Natìvo, the black Malvasia Malìa and the passito Ambra , from Sauvignon Blanc, are the main characters of Pentagrappoli, an original CD and a “concert-tasting” played by Luca Chiaraluce Quartet at the Guarini winery in Scorrano. Chiaraluce, with this new and unique experience, takes inspiration directly by the wine and all that it can tell: “Wine is alive, it talks to us, starting from the color that can be linked to sounds, to the musical atmospheres; for example Ambra has a clear tone, limpid, transparent pushing towards tonal sounds simple and easily graspable“. And then it comes the flavor, what we feel when we taste is the image that the wine wants to express of itself, and here comes the sweetness, the tannins, the body, the alcohol, elements related to the sounds: “the sweetness inspired times like the ¾ and the immediate melodic lines; on the other hand, a full-bodied wine lead to build powerful rhythms able to support the great “structure” of the wine, that is to say melodic and harmonic lines which are complex and well – structured “. Slowly, it appears the “aftertaste”, what wine really is, to feel it is the result of introspection, they flavors talking to our inner world, awaking memories, sensations, images of experiences or dreams: “the aftertaste is the ‘esoteric essence of the wine, its soul and musically each has his own world, his own correspondences, I described mines” says Luca. www.lucachiaraluce

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