I Listen to / Music & Wine 3
Pentagrappoli /Natìvo
Translating wine into music, tasting it and hearing the sound, besides the flavor and the fragrance.
This is what we are telling you about in the third episode of the section I listen to / music &wine of the Guarini Wine Journey. The idea came to Giovanni Guarini, who has always been a music enthusiast, and to his friend and multi – instrumentalist Luca Chiaraluce. The Primitivo Boemondo, the Negroamaro Pìutri and Natìvo, the black Malvasia Malìa and the passito Ambra , from semi – dried grapes of Sauvignon Blanc, are the main characters of the CD Pentagrappoli. Five wines have inspired five original compositions for piano, guitar, bass, drums, trumpet and saxhorn. Luca has created the music played on instruments handmade by himself, that is the drum, the guitar and the contrabass. Jazz is the music, having its roots in the oldest tradition of the African – American that became a universal language, just as the ancient vineyards of Salento which today are conquering the world. The pieces are inspired by the tasting of the wine, the color may already be related to the sound: a light, clear, transparent wine has led to simple and easily grasped sonorities whereas a dark red, intense, impenetrable wine, brings to mind modal musical elements with unpredictable contents and hermetic aesthetics. Here,the first composition dedicated to the wine Nativo. We invite you to listen to it, better while enjoying a glass of this amazing negroamaro.

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