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Sips of painting / Andrea De Simeis
Have you ever observed a painting tasting its colors? It is a unique experience, a total sensorial involvement. We have experienced it, we have associated images and emotions to the character of wine, in occasion of Cantine Aperte in our winery in Scorrano on May 30th 2010. On that occasion all the wine places were animated by the suggestive works of art by Andrea De Simeis of CubiArte. Communicating wine through art and making wine the main character of the works was the original concept of the day, that the papermaker and engraver De Simeis has masterfully translated into reality thus creating a unique collections of paper and watercolor engravings. Starting with the experience of the eastern manufactories of the Seventh century and undergoing the fascination of the medieval printing machines from Fabriano (manufacturer of excellent papers), Andrea invents a new descriptive possibility: the paper made of wine. The amazing vat from which the artist draws the cellulose of his leaves, is dipped with solferine, of a blood and purple color, of the precious wines Duca Carlo Guarini: Primitive, Negroamaro and Malvasia. Multi sensorial experiences has always attracted De Simeis, who in this case has moved further, giving the possibility of interacting with the engraved work through olfactory perceptions as well as visual and even taste ones. Who would have thought to observe a graphic art tasting the colors? Then, there are 3 watercolours engravings made of wine (Malìa, Natívo, Vigne Vecchie, Campo di Mare); 7 engravings on paper made of wine (malvasia and primitivo), 1 etching relief with the entire miniature of the mosaic floor of the Otranto Cathedral, made on a single paper, that of the fig tree, a spontaneous growing tree in Salento.

Interview with Andrea De Simeis
When was your passion for paper and engraving born?
The complementarity of the two disciplines simultaneously triggers in me the same passion and it is not clear to me which one is the consequence or when it was born. As a child I was lucky enough to browse wonderful books illustrated by superb engravers, such as Gustave Doré and Honoré Daumier, and despite the fact that they were static copies, I loved those hands full of virtuous genius, as well as thick, deaf, silky papers. It was love, without of course knowing what it was.
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