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FAAD / Tavole ad Arte – Art Tables
The winery Duca Carlo Guarini housed an unusual setting up last May 29, in a Food and Wine Design key, during Cantine Aperte, the peak event of the Wine Tourism Movement. The places of the wine have welcomed “Tavole ad Arte“, art tables, a project promoted by FAAD, a collective that brings together the most interesting productions in the field of Photography, Art, Crafts and Design in Puglia, led by the architect Silvana Inguscio. A travelling event, consisting of a “site specific” installation with the works of the FAAD designers, combined with a gourmet moment. Many wine tourists have booked for an exclusive lunch in the shade of the old pergola, where an art- work table was set up with the creations of Maria Elena Colopi /the cimossa parlante, the talking selvage, a graphic designer who creates hand-stitched notebooks and small croquet productions; the graphic designer Pierpaolo Gaballo / Piattoquadro, with its ceramic, hand painted dishes; Silvana Inguscio / fuoridalguscio, out of the shell, and Con le mani _handmadedesign, architect, interior designer and stylist, who designs furniture accessories; the master glassmaker Maria Concetta Malorzo / Vetri d’Arte; the potter sculptress Hiroko Nagase; Emanuela Rovito / Made fabric, an artisan specialized with textile design, in particular silk – screen printing and hand drawing on fabric; Antonio and Leonardo Scorrano /Manufatto, innovative “carpenters” who use recycled wood for their creations; the photographer Chiara Cochi and the light designer Paolo Portaluri / HPPH who reinterpret in a contemporary way the luminaria.
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