Great consensus for the wines of Duca Carlo Guarini , awarded at the International Organic Wines Competition “Internazionaler Bioweinpreis 2017“, which took place in Frasdorf in Germany in July. 1094 wines from EU-approved organic grapes from 25 different countries participated in the competition, one of the most important in the wine sector. At the eighth edition, the competition took place under the guidance of Martin Darting, sensory enologist and creator of the incorruptible PAR evaluation system, with a jury of professionals who provided an objective evaluation of the wines in competition. Malìa Malvasia Nera 2014, Nativo negroamaro 2015 and Boemondo Primitivo 2013 were the only Apulian wines to be awarded the gold medal, whereas Vigne Vecchie Primitivo 2014 received the silver one. All obtained from single- variety vinification, certified Codex, innovative, ours are wines made with skill and sincerity, from vineyards cultivated directly without the use of synthetic chemicals, result of a skilled winemaking, thanks to the professional oenologist Giuseppe Pizzolante Leuzzi. Great satisfaction has been expressed by Giovanni Guarini, who has always affirmed intimately Salento wines, investing in native vines, respecting the environment and the consumers. “The secret to success is always remembering to be from Puglia. It is necessary to reaffirm the roots, produce proudly typical wines and have the unwilling desire to offer the diversity of our viticulture. This can only be possible thanks to the unremitting work of the whole team and a commitment to organic for almost 15 years. ” And it goes on, “I’m happy that international experts have much appreciated our wines, unique in their kind.”