Do not miss on July 15th from 8 to 10.30 pm the special edition of “Mamme del Borgo“, in the suggestive Borgo dei Pescatori at Tricase Porto, an aperitif based on classics and revisited “frise”, a type of local toasted bread and 3 wine glasses to choose from four wineries selected by sommelier Raffaella Quaranta. Our Piccolebolle, the first sparkling wine from Negroamaro Martinotti method, produced in the winery Duca Carlo Guarini, will also be there. You can taste three frise, from the classical dressed with oil and tomato to the vegetable one, with caramelized onions and friggitello pepper and the Borgo Pescatore, with cow’s milk fresh cheese and marinated anchovies. You enjoy your food on the street along Via Caio Duilio at a cost of 12 euros. “Mamme del Borgo” is an original project of “home cooking” by Eleonora Bianchi, who together with Giuseppe, Agnese and Mattia coordinates a group of local housewives, great to prepare traditional dishes and to propose traveling dinners on the street , between Via Lepanto and Via Caio Duilio, where every course is served in the front door of a fisherman’s house, from the hands of the “mamma” who prepared it: from appetizer to cake at a cost of 20 euro, for a perfect combination Street food and home-restaurant, with the possibility of chatting, exchange recipes and socialize. To book a dinner or an aperitif, just call 3397607935, to find out more about