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Old splendour, passion and innovation

1 February 2017|Press|

Few kilometers south from Maglie, in Scorrano, there is the Azienda Agraria Duca Carlo Guarini, a commercial farm, that has recently celebrated 900 years of business, that is to say the time since this family of Norman origins settled in Terra D’Otranto.

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This year Christmas dinner is organic.

13 December 2016|Press|

Table wine. This vine has been cultivated for centuries in Salento: the fruity organic Negroamaro Nativo is ideal with roasts, cheese and pasta dishes…

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Oil has many tastes

18 October 2016|Press|

Try the new dressings to make original meals and snacks. From seed or flavored, they are very trendy. And they are good for you. Flavored with Lemon the L’Agrumato Duca Carlo Guarini …

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Wines, beers and tasting

16 October 2016|Press|

An intense October going around masi and wineries. Chosen for you: Carlo Guarini. Malìa Igt Salento rosso, organic wine made by mono varietal Malvasia of the Azienda Agraria…

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16 June 2016|Press|

We get to Scorrano, a small center embellished by baroque palaces, like the Palazzo Guarini, propert of the descendants of a noble Norman family…

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Magic of Salento

15 June 2015|Press|

Aubergines, tomatoes puree, cheese, basil…here are the ingredients of the golden eggplant parmigiana, specialty of the Azienda Agraria Duca Carlo Guarini …

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Two millions of lights celebrating

15 June 2015|Press|

There are many tasty temptations in Scorrano and surroundings, where there are some excellent brands. Starting from the Azienda Agraria Duca Carlo Guarini …

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Last minute shopping savings

14 December 2014|Press|

Duca Carlo Guarini. Nine hundred years of history and 700 hectares of properties in Salento, including farm houses, olive groves and vineyards. The old family of the Duchi Guarini…

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Tasted by us. The report card

14 July 2014|Press|

Salento Igt Bianco Taersìa. In the dialect of the fishermen “Taersìa” means storm, name that suits the characteristics of this mono vairetal negromaro…


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